EthniCache Dhokra Jewelry Curly Leaf Brass Pendant and Designer Beads Handmade Dokra Necklace

Designer Leaf Shaped Pendant and Designer Beads Handmade Dokra Necklace made of Brass, Beads and Cotton

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The art of crafting Dokra products is being practised since time immemorial in various parts across India. The earliest forms of Dokra crafting can be traced back to the time of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. The combination of simplicity, artful ruggedness, gorgeous motifs, and forceful form has made Dokra pieces remain in demand for the last 4000 years. The art of authentic Dokra making is practised in various tribal belts around Odisha and West Bengal.

Dokra jewellery and figurines are popular, both in India and outside the country. The increase in demand for contemporary fashion has led to increased experimentation in Dokra casting, with several metalsmiths creating fusion pieces. In simple terms, Dokra is the archetypal statement jewellery.