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An Introduction to Contemporary Handmade Clocks

Everyone has a different clock…






Just like time is one of the earliest inventions of the divine, the clock is one of the oldest inventions of mankind. The clock was invented when humans found it somewhat difficult to keep track of their lives using the natural units of time such as planetary movements and lunar cycles. The clock made it possible for humans to measure time using shorter and regular intervals, thereby making it possible to carry out daily activities in a more disciplined manner.






A day is measured by hours and the timeline of the human civilization by the inventions in timepieces from the sundial to quantum clocks. The Sumerians were the first to use the sexagesimal system of measurement in about 2000 B.C., which is still in use across the planet. The ancient Egyptians were the first to divide a day into two twelve-hour periods and invented large obelisks to keep a measure of the same. The Americans are the ones to invent the atomic clocks, which might be the next big thing shortly, from a scientific point of view. Since quantum measurements of time are unnecessary with regards to the art of interior decoration, we limit our discussion to designs here.






A great number of options available at present make it incredibly difficult to find the perfect timepiece to make an interior picture perfect. Apart from being environmentally friendly and unique, handmade wall clocks can give a rustic charm to houses. The contemporary designs add an element of charm and modernity. When contemporary designs are combined with the process of hand-making timepieces, the result can be astounding. Contemporary handmade clocks are becoming increasingly popular among the shoppers at present. A few varieties of contemporary handmade clocks have been discussed below in an honest attempt to help the confused shoppers.






Terracotta Wall Clocks






The uses of terracotta are many. From pottery to jewellery, terracotta as a material can be used to give shape to several different handcrafted objects. In skilled hands, terracotta has a habit of working wonders. From clocks with Egyptian designs to religious masterpieces, the only limit to the designs of the clocks is the imagination of the creator. Although the wall clocks made of terracotta are heavier compared to clocks of similar sizes and are comparatively more fragile, the rustic element found in terracotta wall clocks is unmatched by any other clock. The clocks can be crafted to different shapes and sizes by the artisans. It can be difficult to find ultra-large terracotta wall clocks as they can be relatively heavy and extremely fragile. Most terracotta wall clocks do not have a front glass like the ones made of plastic or other similar materials.




 Terracotta wall clock with contemporary design


While terracotta wall clocks are handcrafted throughout the country, the artisans of West Bengal and Rajasthan are the ones who excel in the craft of making terracotta wall clocks. Most of the terracotta timepieces made by the artisans are exported across the globe. The demand for handmade Indian timepieces is huge in certain regions around the world, mostly in developed western countries. In foreign countries, the timepieces might have a hefty tag attached to it, but in India, they can be purchased at a comparatively lesser price. With the advent of online portals like EthniCache, it has become comparatively easier for the shoppers to get unique designs of terracotta wall clocks sourced from across the country, at nominal prices.



Terracotta wall clock with ethnic design

Any person who aims at giving a rustic look to their house interiors should give a try to terracotta timepieces. Not only will a terracotta timepiece serve its utility as a clock, but it will serve as a beautiful handmade decoration item for home. When coupled with other handcrafted items, a terracotta wall clock can serve as a perfect wall clock for a living room or a bedroom.



Terracotta wall clock with contemporary design




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Wooden Wall Clocks






Another material that is indispensable to the handicraft industry is wood. Although wooden clocks are difficult to craft as compared to terracotta, they are sturdier and lighter in weight when compared to terracotta clocks. Like most terracotta timepieces, their wooden counterparts might lack a front glass. Some artisans combine wood with terracotta or other material to make the pieces more attractive. Although the element of rusticity might be less in wooden wall clocks, they are much more vibrant. One of the added benefits of wooden wall clocks is that they are comparatively easier to maintain when compared to terracotta wall clocks. Wooden wall clocks are an environmentally friendly option when compared to plastic wall clocks and other factory-made pieces. While wooden wall clocks are crafted by artisans throughout the country, a majority of them are crafted in Rajasthan and the South Indian states.




 Wooden wall clock with contemporary design


When colorful wooden wall clocks are used along with the right handcrafted items, they can add an element of vibrancy to the homes. Vibrant wooden clocks can be a perfect and unique handmade decoration item for homes for a lover of hues. Wooden clocks with contemporary designs can also be used in kid’s rooms to make the rooms funkier.



Wooden wall clock with contemporary design




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Glass Framed Clocks






The use of glass and other similar material as a form of ornamentation in wall clocks can add a statement of glamour to the wall clock. Proper skill sets and techniques of an artisan can make a clock ornamented with glass pieces a work of art. Depending upon the kind of technique used in crafting the clocks, crafting them can be easy or hard. The more beautiful the clocks, the harder they are to craft. The use of glass ornamentation can make such clocks comparatively heavier. The ornamentation is carried out on a base material, which can be plastic, iron, or any other related material. When iron is used as a base material for the clocks, it can be relatively heavier. One of the benefits of using metals as a base material is that they are durable and sturdier.



Glass framed wall clock with contemporary design




A great variety of glass ornamented clocks is crafted in the Northern Indian states, mostly in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The designs of the clocks vary from one artisan to another depending upon the skill-set they possess and their imagination. Many artisans also use ethnic designs while crafting ornamented clocks. Both, ethnic and contemporary designs of ornamented clocks are popular globally and domestically. Many ornamented clocks with various designs are exported to different countries across the world.



Glass framed wall clock with contemporary design




Most of the ornamented clocks can be comparatively costlier as compared to terracotta and wooden wall clocks, a premium that comes with the added skill required to make the clocks. The ornamented clocks can be used as large modern wall clocks for living rooms and bedrooms adding to the appeal of the house. When used with another handcrafted décor, ornamented clocks can add an element of charisma to the interiors of a house.






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Other timepieces






A great number of other handcrafted timepieces of various materials are available across the country. From metal to marble, many different materials can be used for the crafting of wall clocks of various designs. Distressed wall clocks made of metal are gaining popularity across the country. The distressed wall clocks are generally large pieces with a skeletal and rustic appearance. Ribbon wall clocks made of steel or other metals are also gaining popularity across certain factions. Ribbon wall clocks made of metal generally have a smaller diameter as compared to their distressed counterparts. Both kinds of metal wall clocks lack a front mirror. Metal wall clocks are sturdier as compared to terracotta and wooden wall clocks.






The usage of other materials like marble and similar materials, though less popular, is also done for crafting wall clocks. The use of marble for making handcrafted home décor is highly popular in Rajasthan and certain other nearby regions. Such clocks are much heavier when compared to other wall clocks and are highly durable. The designs available in the category of marble wall clocks are limited. Extensive skills of crafting of stones might be required for the making of such wall clocks.






A greater competition across the country is leading to greater experimentation in the handicraft industry. Newer innovations are being brought in by the artisans regularly. While ethnic designs were common earlier, the artisans are adopting more contemporary and modern designs nowadays to attract urban shoppers. Over time the contemporary pieces are gradually replacing the previously famous ethnic pieces.






Online portals like EthniCache have made it possible for prospective shoppers to choose the perfect timepiece from a wide variety of contemporary handcrafted timepieces.






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